A child support lawyer handles all matters that involve child support. This includes matters that involve both the custodial and the non-custodial parents. When is it time to call a child support attorney orlando fl? The four occasions to call below are just a few of the many cases this lawyer can help you with.

1- Modify Child Support

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If you are a non-custodial parent, you may feel that you are paying too much money for child support due to a job loss, change in income, etc. An attorney can help get a child support modification. Custodial parents may need a modification order if the non-custodial parent earns more money.

2- Establish Child Support

If no order for child support is currently in place, a lawyer can help get it started. A paternity test may be the first step in establishing paternity for a child. The courts also look at the income of both parents to determine a fair amount of support.

3- Before Divorce

When divorce is inevitable, it’s a good idea to start planning for a future without your spouse. This may involve filing orders for custody and child support. A lawyer can help in either of the situations, which makes it easier to deal with later on.

4- Not Receiving Child Support

If there is a child support order in place but it is not being paid, an attorney can help bring the matter to court, issue a bench warrant for arrest, or take one of many other actions to ensure that the child receives the money that they need and deserve from the absent parent.

The situations above are among the many types of matters that a child support lawyer can help you with. Don’t go to court without the expertise that a lawyer brings to the case.